Tips and recommendations


Cleaning tips to keep ceramic tiles looking perfect

Here are some tips to protect Tilezza’s collections against wear, moisture, stains or surface scratching.
Each of the brand’s collections combines premium art texture (wood, stone, etc) with the technical properties of ceramics.

To maximize personal and household hygiene and to stop the spread of the COVID-19 virus, Tilezza offers a series of tips on how to make the most of your collection and ensure your home is spotless:

  1. Use disposable or single-use material to clean Tilezza’s tiles and remember to use disinfectant gel before and after cleaning.
  2. Use a vacuum cleaner or broom to remove the dust that accumulates on the surface each day. We suggest you sweep first and then use the vacuum cleaner.
  3. To prevent dirt from accumulating, we recommend cleaning this ceramic tiles with water and a little vinegar or ammonia. These products will disinfect the floor and give the whole house a natural shine.
  4. To dry the floor quickly and keep it looking as new, we recommend using a hygienic cloth or kitchen paper to remove any traces of moisture.
  5. To keep the surface intact, keep a set of clothes and footwear just for outside use. The most hygienic option is to disinfect your shoes and clothes and use other types of footwear inside the home.
  6. To eliminate superficial stains, the most effective method is to wipe all parts of the tile with a cotton cloth.