About us

Where high-tech meets the beauty of nature TILEZZA is a new name for high-tech Gres Porcellanato Rectified ceramic tiles inspired by the beauty of nature that require only your imagination to create a beautiful living space.

A Few Words About Us

Harmony of premium quality and sophisticated design

We think different...

TILEZZA was developed to be a part of everyday business life and households, providing the charm of everyday luxury. 

That is why TILEZZA tile surfaces are specially protected and exceptionally resistant to mechanical effects, slip-resistant, pleasant to the touch and easy to clean and maintain.

Rectified tiles for perfect balance

Plain arrangement of TILEZZA tiles with perfect edges provides a playful natural surface appearance without wide joints and repetition. Through rectification technology, each TILEZZA tile is cut to exact size, with a fine edge treatment, so they can be set in a perfect continuous sequence.

Gres Porcellanato ensures warmth and durability

TILEZZA tiles are a durable solution for floor and wall surfaces of your ambient. The tile body is formed by Gres Porcellanato technology that exposes the tile to temperatures of 1.200 to 1.400°C in order to form a compact mass. That is why TILEZZA tiles are a recommended solution for floor heating systems and all surfaces exposed to significant temperature changes.

Life is versatile, TILEZZA, too

Just like life, TILEZZA is colourful, spontaneous, attractive and diverse at the same time. Through tile selection you can express your style and experience freedom of personalised design. TILEZZA adapts to modern market dynamics and offers both: beauty and quality. No compromise!